Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos

The YTBCs , Calyptorhynchus funereus , returned to my little block yesterday, after weeks away.

I have seen a large flock of 20+   further into the Mount Lofties during that time, but not a hint here.

Yesterday morning a small group of just 5 settled in the trees close to the house and took turns jostling each other for best spot at the water bowl.

Their low chatting sounds were interspersed with a kind of "whistle" sound; very distinctive and a real joy after the raucous Sulphur Cresteds who have been here all winter.

I have lots to learn about them, but tend to be more hands on than "study" so my major focus is on revegetating, hoping to ensure their food suppply here.
I have close to well over a hundred Hakea vitata  ready to plant while the soil is still damp.
I have so far removed and replanted countless standing dead ones.

I had NOT realised until very recently that they eat insect larvae and that Acacias (especially A pycnanthat here) are a major food source of galls.

Out and into it!