Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Weeping Fungus is back.

In 2010 I found the most beautiful fungus I had ever seen.

it was growing in amongst fallen leaves on the underside of a living Eucalyptus obliqua stump


(back later .. child is awake)
It took ages to find someone who could help with an ID and eventually I was referred to Pamela Catchside ...
Last word:
I am delighted to have had this fungus identified by Pam Catcheside

Editor, Fungimap Newsletter,
Honorary Research Associate,
State Herbarium of South Australia,
Plant Biodiversity Centre,
Dept for Environment & Heritage,

Among the photos of thata first find are these two.



I have watched that site very closely in the interveneing years, but no sign of it.

Then, last week, in a quite new site about 60 metres away, another.

Yet again, the site is under a slight overhang of the base of a Messmate (E obliqua).

This is the general view.

and looking closer ...

and closer again ...

and again ... 

   and lucky last for today.

Inonotus dryadeus,  The Weeping Bracket Fungus,