Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome to 2014

Though this blog has been neglected, the block has not.

That it is raining again this morning, means I will be out there weeding AGAIN as well.

I take every opportunity that softened soil provides and 14mm of rain over two days is perfect.

The most recent news is that all the many rounds of inspections and paperwork for this block to be a Heritage Protected  one, have been completed. I understand the documents are now awaiting the Minister's signature.
It's been a long time and a big job, but I am pretty excited about it.

I have also been traveling to Eyre Peninsula a lot and THAT has taken heaps of time and energy.

I think the time has come to pull my head in and focus at home a bit more, and my own resolution (prompted by Snail's MUCH more demanding one*)  is to ensure I update here once a week.

For the moment, I am listening to Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos feeding a youngster while the usual suspects go about their early morning greetings to the day.

Right now the dominant blossom is our Chirstmas Bush, Bursaria spinosa.

And THIS is the biggest one I have ever seen, in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

*waves to Snail!*

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