Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Red Wattle Bird

We have had four  days of maximum daily temperatures over 40C (104F) here in the Hills, while down on the Plain, Adelaide was even hotter

Not one bird played in the bird baths as they usually do.

Mostly they came to them and just sat on the edge, some with drooping wings and beaks open.
They took occasional sips of water before resting and then flying up into the overhanging tree.

It appeared that even doing that much took some thinking time.

Even the larger ones like the Red Wattle Birds slowed right down.

Once the cool change came through though, they were back to their old exuberant selves.

I heard the splashing of a larger bird, looked and there one was.
It appeared to be practising the old-fashioned road drill.
(Remember Hector the Cat?)



LOOK LEFT , this way, AGAIN

Who Cares!
Over We Go!



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