Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Stellar Quilt

Hi Harry and Mary (and Jade too, if you are around),

A friend of mine makes quilts.

Actually, a few friends of mine make quilts.

This is a quilt made by one of them; her internet name is Purple :)

She called it "Life is ... "
When I was about your age my Dad used to sing a song called "Life is just a bowl of cherries", and I think Toni might have been thinking of that song when she named her quilt.

Because Andrew and Midori are such cherry people, I wrote to Purple and bought this quilt for their (then) kitten.

That is how you come to be holding it, so I could send her a photo to show her that we had received it.

Now it is here in Auckland, just outside my bedroom door, in Stella's little house.

I still love it.
Aee you another day,

PS One of my favourite silly authors wrote, "If life is a bowl of cherries, what am I doing here in the pits?"

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